HOA Cleaning

HOA Cleaning

A clean homecoming


With our many years of experience in a variety of sectors, we combine our knowledge with the quality that is required for the cleaning of residential complexes and cooperation with owners of property.

Schoonkantoor.nl contributes to a pleasant and safe living environment, and coming home clean is a matter of course for us. Your residential complex is our business card and we like to help you as manager and resident as much as possible to unburden and facilitate.

This includes cleaning the communal entrance, stairwells, garages and porches. We are also available for small technical maintenance and solve malfunctions quickly and professionally.

Glass cleaning and pest control are self-evident, but we also think along with you in case of harsh weather conditions by offering walking mats and slipperiness control.

During our work, we always keep an eye on things for you. Safe, right?