Reference PersonalCarLease

"A very clean and solid company".

"They are our customers and we are their customers. But this is not the only reason for our choice of It is primarily a very neat and solid company. The cleaners are decent people who deliver quality work. Because the cleaning takes place outside office hours, reliability is very important to us. Again, has never disappointed us. Quality and mutual trust, that's just great doing business.

Bastiaan Brauns, Operational Director
Customer since 2002 Services: cleaning and window cleaning of office building

Reference G4S

" continues until it is really clean".

G4S has been doing business with for years, but since 2020 the interiors of all larger locations are maintained by is a flexible organisation where the wishes of the customer come first. continues until it is really clean, the quality has increased considerably. focuses on result-oriented cleaning. The employees think out of the box and also take corners and holes that are easily overlooked. The contact with the regional manager is also very pleasant. You can say anything and if something is wrong it is solved immediately. Short lines and being able to switch quickly, that's

Pauline Visser, Purchasing & Facilities

Reference TNW


"Excellent partner in cleaning

Since 2 years we work together with for keeping our buildings clean and tidy. In a large and busy co-working building with many changes and random furniture, this is a challenge.
The contact with is informal. Unexpected problems are solved quickly. Agreements made are met very well. The level achieved is always more than sufficient. Unavoidable defects are solved quickly and within the agreed time. Also during the pandemic and the changes around it, the people of proved to be very flexible.
The employees are representative and diverse. They are excellently supervised. has also provided language courses for immigrants, which contributes to the cooperation.
The employees are deployed in good consultation at the place that suits the person. If it turns out that someone cannot perform adequately, it is examined whether he or she can be placed in a more suitable working environment. In doing so, we also think along about solution-oriented innovations.
After 15 years of experience in facility management, with dozens of different parties, I have had no better cooperation for cleaning than with

Wai-Man Sun, Head of facilities

Reference Mammoet Rotterdam


"Together with we have made a step towards sustainability".

In 2015, Mammoet Europe issued a tender for the cleaning of its head office in Schiedam as well as its national offices and associated workshops. It was time for a new form of contract and service.

Of the three parties invited to tender, was the one that appealed to us most because of its no-nonsense approach and short lines of communication. They translated our wishes best in their offer, based on "the new cleaning".

We were looking for a partner who would relieve us of all our worries and that has succeeded. The short lines of communication of the Schoonkantoor organisation work very well, with Sonja as Rayon manager and spider in the web. Every problem is immediately taken up and usually solved the same day or within 24 hours. also thinks along with us when it comes to the right person in the right place. Given the diversity in cleaning (an office is not the same as a toilet/shower room or a workplace) it is important to think carefully about the deployment of the available personnel.

In recent years, together with, we have taken a step towards sustainability, for example by designing our toilets as Eco-toilets. In addition, provided us in 2020 with all the necessary disinfectants to work corona-safe.

After five years of pleasant cooperation, I am looking forward to even more carefree years.

Herman Markvoort, Facility Manager

Reference Elementary School de Hoeksteen


"A clean school is important for everyone!"

Our primary schools CBS de hoeksteen in Spijk is cleaned by for years to our satisfaction.
In case of absence of the permanent employee there is always a replacement which is well trained. The communication with the district management is fast and pleasant.
A clean school is important for the satisfaction of teachers, children and parents!

Margreet de Deugd, Managing Director