Cleaning with Heart for Business

heart for business

For a few years now we have been supporting the Heart Foundation. With our 'Heart for Business' partnership, we encourage making the Netherlands more heart-healthy and heart-safe. It is also important for our employees that their hearts remain strong and healthy. The partnership with the Heart Foundation helps with that.

The number of heart patients is growing and the pressure on care today is greater than ever. Therefore, we believe it is important to be able to contribute to solutions that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Thus, we inspire our employees with a vitality package, a personal health check and provide free blood pressure monitors. An AED hangs on our facade and we also provide opportunities to take a CPR course. In this way, more and more of our employees are becoming citizen-aid workers in addition to cleaners.

At, vitality and social commitment are paramount. As a Hart voor de Zaak partner, we are committed to healthy employees and a healthy heart for everyone. Employees who are consciously engaged in a heart-healthy lifestyle tend to be fitter and more productive. Our low absenteeism rate emphasizes this.

Do you also have Heart for the Cause? Then check out the website of the Heart Foundation: We hope that more companies follow this example and that we can be an inspiration to employees as well as customers, relations and other companies.



heart for business