- Corporate Social Responsibility


Sustainable cleaning at is about continuously taking sustainability into account in all purchasing and policy decisions.

In accordance with our IS0 14001 certification, we have been working on this since 2011. This has led to very conscious choices for suppliers, product range and CO2 reduction.

Together with our supplier, we have looked at further possibilities to reduce CO2. However, our current products are the most ecological and least environmentally damaging cleaning products in the range.

Our objective is to evaluate annually whether the assortment is still the best choice based on these two criteria.

New developments such as waste bags made of compostable plastic, cleaning with ozone water and the use of circular materials are closely monitored and can be used where possible.

The climate changes of recent years have made it clear that organisations can make a strong contribution to climate objectives. Organisations' energy consumption must be reduced in the coming years and a transition to more sustainable energy with a reduction in CO2 emissions must be considered.

To achieve this, we have already fitted out our fleet with 70% zero-emission vehicles and will gradually work towards a zero emission fleet in the coming years.