Quality policy schoonkantoor.nl

Quality policy

Top quality in cleaning maintenance means setting the highest standards for cleaning staff. For example, they must have a command of the Dutch language and be able to maintain good communication with our regional manager and you, the client.
Schoonkantoor.nl works from a strict quality policy. All daily and periodic actions are described by means of a log system and read and executed by the cleaner every working day. The client can make his wishes or remarks known in this system. With the aid of the log system, we can carefully monitor the agreed quality. The control rounds are carried out by means of our control app and on the basis of the VSR-DKS system.

Quality measurements

At Schoonkantoor.nl two qualified VSR-KMS inspectors are employed to maintain the quality policy. Every quarter, in consultation with the client, they carry out a quality measurement according to the VSR-DKS quality system. Our modern digital app provides a convenient report that clearly shows the progress of quality. It is also very important to maintain regular contact regarding any bottlenecks and changes in the work.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is measured by our area managers using the visit report app. The progress of the cleaning is recorded digitally. Possible improvements are discussed with the customer. Digitisation not only ensures that the use of printers and paper is kept to a minimum, but also makes registration clear and convenient.

ISO 9001 / 14001 Certificates

Schoonkantoor.nl sets the highest quality standards for periodic cleaning, window cleaning, mechanical floor cleaning and canteen management. This is evidenced by the quality certificates NEN-EN-ISO 9001-2015 and NEN-EN-ISO 14001. By contracting Schoonkantoor.nl for office cleaning or building cleaning you are assured of quality and an environmentally friendly approach.