Quality policy schoonkantoor.nl

The Schoonkantoor.nl control app

DKS control app schoonkantoor.nl

Quality control at Schoonkantoor.nl is automated. The area managers of Schoonkantoor.nl periodically check using the DKS check app Schoonkantoor.nl on their smartphone.

Elements within a room can be rejected on the basis of three different errors:

- Method fault
- Dirt fault
- Periodic fault

Based on the percentage of elements that have been rejected by the inspection app, a score is calculated. The rooms to be checked with the control app are defined at random in advance. The checks are planned in advance at a certain frequency and carried out without notice by the cleaning staff. The results of the periodic checks are shared with the client and evaluated with the cleaning staff. The reports also show the progress of the quality over time.

Besides the control app, Schoonkantoor.nl also uses a work order app, with which window cleaners and cleaning staff enter their (additional) work. Clients sign through this app for approval and receive the corresponding invoice directly digital. No more paperwork, very environmentally friendly and everything clearly online!

Quality control of Schoonkantoor.nl